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Master Builders with Exceptional Craftsmanship The Platre & Deco team focus on quality renovations to create inspiring spaces. The Sydney based company won the 2018 Master Builders Awards in Excellence for Restoration for works involving the complete renovation and restoration of the Georgian Gentleman's Townhouse c1841-43 in Dawes Point. Platre & Deco, offer complete management of your project including heritage requirements, engineering needs, plans and the coordination of our skilled trades team. Previous projects have ranged from traditional to commercial, from provincial to luxury homes and hotels, boutiques, bars, clubs, film sets. From manufacture to installation Platre & Deco, deliver high standards of works in Heritage and Contemporary Architectural styles. All building services are tailored to your budget, requirements and specifications and to guarantee your satisfaction. Platre & Deco will design and build to your expectations. As François Crespel, the company's founder and managing director, has worked with many techniques and trades people worldwide, he will offer you the expertise and the solutions for all your projects. MBA H202 - 004.jpg “François has done an outstanding renovation of my Victorian home in The Rocks, Sydney. He's always incredibly professional and accommodating.” - Emily Johnson “This is a unique restoration, the quality of workmanship was excellent with some amazing refit designs. The builder showed exceptional skills in restoring this home back to its original glory. The new works were installed, taking into account modern services without compromise to the integrity and age of the building design. An excellent example of great craftsmanship.” 2018 MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN RESTORATION AND LISTED AS AUSTRALIA'S TOP 10 HOUSES OF THE YEAR “It is always my pleasure to co-work with François and his team who show excellence in all of their work. I highly recommend Platre & Deco for any type of construction” FELICIE CHARDON - INTERIOR DESIGNER AT ATELIER CHARDON ARCHITECTURE

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