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HELLO! I'M SHARON! Sometimes, you grow a little too much to handle everything – and when it comes to my life right now – that is exactly what is happening. A few years back I remember being away with the husband on a family weekend, enjoying our home away from home, having a glass of whine, and wine. It had been a long time coming and I let myself feel everything I had been bottling up. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, impatient, fed up, and the general feeling of being swamped. I had to break things down: we were in the middle of building a house, my consulting contract had been terminated due to program budget cuts, three out of three kids were technology addicts, I was carrying extra baggage on my body that didn't have an expiry date – basically I was a woman too busy to even recognise I wasn't coping very well. I had a choice to let 2017 be the year of the revolving door again with nothing changing or make a choice that would change everything. That's when I birthed shakeitupmumma – a blog of my journey, my life: the good, the bad and everything in-between. Go to my BLOG here or visit me @ IG: shakeitupmumma. MY STORY From my early 20's I had suffered from an autoimmune condition that played havoc on my ability lose weight. I did not know what was happening at the time, but I sure as hell felt it building up. It speaks to me in the format of Anxiety. Worry. Fear. Stress and whilst all of this was bubbling louder and louder as time went on it was draining all my energy like water being poured into an empty cup and I ended up burning out when I should have been in my prime. I was happy to finally have a reason to explain all of the random symptoms I was experiencing. I was not, however, prepared for the constant weight fluctuation, fatigue and brain fog that would follow me as a constant reminder of my disease. When I asked my doctor about it, I received the frustrating response that it was just part of life with an autoimmune disease and was given daily medication to support my condition. It took another 18 years of visiting health professionals, including naturopaths and nutritionists before I discovered that using foods and supplements that support my gut will get me noticeable changes in what I was craving for most – weight loss, more energy and overall vitality. Fast forward 3 years and I have been using a holistic system and products to completely overhaul my autoimmune disease (AMAZING!) and to also get into a healthy weight range and to completely stop feeling tired when I wake up, tired in the afternoon, and tired when I go to bed (revolving door syndrome). About six months in, I also realised I had accidentally stumbled across my purpose and it felt amazing helping and serving others with something that lit me up so passionately (cue #NEWYOUPROGRAM28). My journey through life is now one that is fulfilling, rich and enjoyable. Knowing my own triggers, implementing self-care, and knowing what my needs are is a constant obligation to myself. I have a responsibility to my family to look after myself and treat myself with the highest level of importance because they need the best of me. Through continuous education, research, and self-development I now have the tools to keep myself in check and to share with so many others what I wish I had discovered years ago. My desire to share my experience with others is easy. I genuinely want others to be the best possible version of themselves. I want people to know that self-care means giving the world the best of you instead of what's left of you. I do not believe in diets or vigorous exercise – I believe in holistic health, prioritising self-care and that a healthy body and mind is key to a fulfilling life.

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