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Mushan Development Management and Project Management provide expert project management and advisory services for the development and delivery of a range of residential and mixed use projects. Our experienced approach is comprehensive and our planning methodology is systematic to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standard. Our end to end project management services include development feasibility, master planning, marketing and sales campaigns as well as planning and delivery of the design and construction phases. Our service is tailored to our clients, so you get exactly what you need for your project. DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT • Master and concept planning • Feasibility preparation, investigation analysis and reporting • Commercial viability • Due diligence and site investigation • Site procurement and acquisition • Concept design and permits • Commercial assessment and Market analysis • Finance or investment analysis • Sales and marketing • Lease negotiation Settlement management PROJECT MANAGEMENT •Budget and cost management reporting •Consultant selection and management •Green Star and NABER management Design management •Program establishment, monitoring and reporting •Contractor selection, tender and procurement •Contract administration •Project delivery and completion •Authority approval •Handover settlement, contract completion and/or compliance. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT •Extension of the project management service •Manage works on site and engage contractors directly on behalf of the client Call Shener for further information Qoin Accepted

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