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Claudio is a second generation builder and founder of Moreprime Constructions. Having studied architecture as well as working in IT, has given him a unique asset skill. This is the key ingredient that helps provide top quality constructions. Claudio has a real passion for sustainable building and loves anything green. From Solar Passive houses to Hemp and other sustainable building products, including Passivhaus. Ask him anything you like about the topic and be prepared for a lengthy conversation. Moreprime is proud to be an aspiring Green Building Company. Claudio works alongside top Melbourne architects to deliver award winning and unique homes. High end homes and complex builds are always delivered within budget. Moreprime prides itself on the build-ability of your home. It's the subtle things that make a huge difference. This helps make the architect's job easier while most importantly, saves you money. Architectural training plus 20 years experience is the magic that provides such service. A home built by Moreprime Constructions is a home that you will love. Reach out to Claudio who is always interested in taking on a new challenge.

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