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As director of A & H Building Designers Pty Ltd and with over 8 years experience in understanding and providing building and interior design services, design professional and building designer Ahmed Jadid continues to provide his personal approach to all new residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Ahmed Jadid has completed a Bachelors Degree in Architectural Studies at the University of New South Wales as well as receiving his Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology at Ultimo TAFE, Sydney. He couples his studies with his previous work experience terms at various Architectural and Interior design firms; ultimately leading him to start up his own multi-disciplinary design practice. ‘Our approach is simple yet extremely effective. We focus on listening to our clients and great customer service; developing construction and design solutions to suit their exact needs. We tend to every project with a personal approach which allows our clients to be involved in all aspects in a relaxed yet professional manner' A & H Building Designers are the ones to look after all of your design, approvals and construction needs. We will walk you through the entire process. We can develop the concept with you, draft plans, obtain the appropriate council and or private certifier approvals and finally, execute the project for you. Our services include: - Building Design Drawings - Change of use - Development Applications - Construction Certificates - Complying Developments - Granny Flats - Building Certificates - Basix Certificates - 3D Illustrations/Perspectives - Photomontages - Graphical Design - Artworks

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